งานสัมนา Dyslexia ที่ญี่ปุ่น 21-22 ตุลาคม 2017

                  Thai Association for Potential Promotion of Persons with Learning Disabilities (APLD) was established with the main reasons for giving better understanding, knowledge and exchanges of the experience between students, teachers, parents and general public who are concerned with the potentials and problems of the persons with disabilities. We have closely worked with some government, privates sectors, specialist staff and community to help children, their families and school by providing medical plus psychological services including special educational, occupational development along with good attitude towards persons with disabilities.   We also care about their better living conditions by giving some occupational training and social welfare appeals for them.

                  In this conference, we would like to present the information about Learning Disabilities in Thailand.  By the way, this group of person in Thailand is basically categorized as the disable person. Then they can obtain social welfare as the disability in general.  However, the disability in Thailand are divided into two groups; visible and invisible disabilities.

Thailand is different from foreign countries because in foreign countries persons whom lack of abilities in reading or writing will be classified as Dyslexia, but in Thailand those persons who have problem about reading, writing, spelling, calculating including some problem with attention deficit-disorder, slow learning or Autistic Disorder will be grouped as a person with disabilities.  

                  Next part, we would like to focus about the problems which the person with disabilities in Thailand faced in the past because of the lacking  sufficient information and knowledge about Dyslexia.

We also would like to share the current development of assistance from government and private organizations, institutions, associations in Thailand who notice the importance of Learning Disabilities problem to support with knowledge sharing, training, giving funds and chance to the person with disabilities.

                   Last but not least, we also have people with disabilities here who would like to share their feeling and experiences with expectation their today speech can give some inspiration for others people to find their potential and have good life.

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